A COLLECTORS GUIDE which includes over 300 known signatures displayed on charts, drawn from used cheques, dated inscriptions and autographs, on his Will etc. Also five versions of signatures written with an “autopen” device on FDC’s, Ballot Sheets etc


Since 2004 I have, periodically, been asked to examine signatures purporting to be those of the former president of the Republic of South Africa, the late Mr. N R Mandela, which appear on various items of memorabilia including: first day covers, book inscriptions, photographs, signed lithographs etc., and to express an opinion regarding their authenticity.

To date I have seen very many and have expressed opinions regarding authenticity. In doing so I have become aware of the nuances including the form and rhythm of the late Mr Mandela’s signature and writings and consider that I am now in the position to offer a worthwhile opinion to assist collectors and would be collectors.

I have tried in this guide to draw attention, by way of charts bearing photographic prints, to the consistency of the late Mr Mandela’s signatures particularly those written during the period 1990 and 2010 and in Section 10 to give illustrations of other versions.

Section 9 includes memorabilia where the signature has been written using some form of “autopen” device.  Samples drawn from this section are attached hereto; note that the form and line of each of them is the same.

Cecil Greenfield

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