For Viewing:

An Olympus stereoscopic zoom microscope, fluorescent and ultra-violet light boxes, loupes and various magnifying devices, and an overhead projector.  Comprehensive lighting facilities, including fibre optic, for detailed close-up image illumination. High resolution scanning facilities, including a Foster and Freeman Video Spectral Comparator (VSC4) for the examination and comparison of inks, and for the detection of overwritten writings, erasures, latent indentations, and details hidden beyond the visual spectrum.

For Photography:

Canon and Olympus cameras with facilities for high resolution close-up photography.

For examining and capturing Latent Indentations:

A “Vacuum Box” – an ESDA like device.

For Measuring:

Various instruments and grids, including 0.05mm dial callipers.

Computer Software:

Analysis “Soft Imaging System” for image acquisition, image archiving, documentation, interactive measurements, graphic overlay, direct printing and macro scripting facilities.


 Comprehensive catalogues of typestyles/fonts used by the manufacturers of typewriters and printers.  Furthermore I have a sizable collection of working portable typewriters in my “museum” dating back to 1912.

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